Bmw 4 series g22: premiere as a concept car at the iaa 2019?

The new BMW 4 Series Coupe G22 is likely to be one of the most discussed innovations of the next few months because, according to our information, the designers are setting another exclamation point. The focus is once again on the kidneys, which are supposed to give the front a completely unique look. The Munich-based company will appear to be delivering a first preview of the new mid-range coupe in just a few weeks at the IAA 2019, when the BMW 4 Series Concept is unveiled.

With the completely redesigned front, BMW wants to position the 4 Series not only more independently, but also more extrovertly than before. As in the case of the 7 Series and X7, the idea behind this is that 4 Series customers want to show that they drive a special vehicle. The same applies to the BMW M3 G80, whose front corresponds to the M4 front as before and is therefore closely based on the 4-series front.

BMW 4 Series G22: Premiere as a concept car at the IAA 2019?

The side view of the new BMW 4 Series G22 should be less controversial than the front with its special kidneys

The premiere of the BMW 4 Series Concept at the IAA 2019 comes as a surprise, because after the #NextGen at the end of June, many observers no longer expected important BMW innovations or concept cars in Frankfurt. In addition to the public premiere for the BMW X6 G06, IAA visitors now apparently have a second good reason to visit the BMW hall — in which other manufacturers will also be represented in 2019.

This year, the Munich-based company will be a long way away from the appearance of the last few years, when the BMW Group used its own hall. You are following a trend that currently seems unstoppable and is even affecting established auto shows. The International Motor Show in Frankfurt is also suffering from dwindling interest from manufacturers, who are investing less and less money in large trade fairs and prefer to address their customers at smaller, but brand-focused events. One example of this is #NextGen 2019 in the BMW Welt, where some world premieres were shown that would otherwise have been presented in Frankfurt.

If our information is correct, BMW should still get a lot of attention in Frankfurt: The front of the BMW 4 Series G22 Concept Car will trigger quite a few discussions and arouse the need for many IAA visitors to get their own picture.

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