Bmw 5 series f10: six years of global luxury-class market leader

With the current BMW 5-series generation, the Munich-based company has achieved a great success. This can not only be determined by driving a sedan (F10), Touring (F11), Gran Turismo (F07) or long version (F18), it is also confirmed by a look at the worldwide sales figures. Since its market launch in 2010, more than two million copies of the Bavarian luxury class have been sold, which means that the BMW 5 Series F10 has been at the top of its segment for six years and the competition from Stuttgart and Ingolstadt is showing the taillights.

Compared to the previous generation E60, the current BMW 5-series F10 can also stand out; global sales are currently more than 42 percent higher than those of the predecessor in the same period. The BMW 5 Series F10 also makes a significant contribution to the success of the 5 Series, which has been sold since 1972, because its two million units correspond to over a quarter of the 7.5 million vehicles sold in over four decades.

BMW 5 Series F10: Six years of global luxury-class market leader

BMW 5 Series F10: Premium market leader from 2010 until today

The figures from the previous year prove that the BMW 5 Series F10 has lost none of its appeal even several years after its market launch: In 2015, 347,000 luxury class customers around the world opted for a member of the three-person BMW 5 Series, thereby securing the top spot again for the Munich-based company in business class.

Despite all the successes, work is currently underway in Munich to replace the current 5-generation F1x. The new BMW 5 Series G30 will be officially presented this year, and the sedan will be launched in early 2017. It goes without saying that the Munich-based company wants to build on the success of the current model with the seventh generation of the 5 series.

So that this can succeed, the BMW 5 Series G30 was prescribed a tough diet program. The luxury class should slim down around 100 kilograms in order to further reduce consumption and at the same time noticeably increase driving performance and driving dynamics. In addition, the seventh 5 Series will receive a completely new assistance system package, which will take a big step towards autonomous driving and underpin the technological leadership of the world’s most successful supplier of premium automobiles.

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