Bmw 5 series g30: five stars in the 2017 euro ncap crash test

Five stars for the 5 Series: The new BMW 5 Series G30 secured the top rating in the Euro NCAP crash test and thus demonstrated its ability to protect occupants and other road users. In the tightened Euro NCAP crash test 2017, the BMW 5 Series G30 also had to show that its assistance systems can defuse many critical situations and thus help prevent accidents. However, if a crash does occur, the safety systems of modern cars have to mitigate the consequences as much as possible — although the requirements have continued to increase in recent years.

The BMW 5 Series G30 received a strong 91 percent rating for the protection of adult occupants. The safety experts at Euro NCAP rate the protection of children on board the limousine with 85 percent of the possible points. The BMW 5 Series G30 performed better than any other car previously tested according to the 2017 scheme in terms of pedestrian protection, 81 percent are a remarkable result in this discipline. The professionals also rated the function of the safety and assistance systems with a good result, however, not all systems are standard on board and therefore cannot be included in the general assessment in this chapter. This results in a rating of only 59 percent in this area.

BMW 5 Series G30: Five stars in the 2017 Euro NCAP crash test

In the 2017 Euro NCAP crash test, the assistance systems of the BMW 5 Series G30 showed, among other things, that they can reliably detect pedestrians running in front of the vehicle and react accordingly. If an adult walks into the predicted lane of the 5 Series, a collision can be prevented at speeds of up to 40 or 45 km / h, depending on the specific situation. At speeds of up to 60 km / h, the assistance system ensures that the impact speed is significantly reduced and the consequences of the accident for the pedestrian are less severe.

In the usual crash tests, the passenger cell of the BMW 5 Series G30 demonstrated its stability and, together with the restraint systems, ensured the least possible stress on the occupants. In the side impact test, the sedan was even able to achieve the maximum number of points and protect all relevant areas of the body from injuries. The 5 Series also delivered strong results in the even tougher side pole test and in the two frontal tests. The following Euro NCAP video shows exactly how the crash tests went.

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