Bmw 5 series g30 is built in dingolfing and at magna in graz

The last examples of the sixth generation are still being built, but the new BMW 5 Series G30 is already in the starting blocks. Now BMW has officially confirmed what our readers have already known for a long time: The seventh generation of the 5-series is not only being built in Dingolfing, but also at Magna Steyr in Graz. With the additional production in Austria, BMW can on the one hand produce higher quantities overall, but on the other hand also react more flexibly to certain demand scenarios.

In Munich, it is assumed that the new BMW 5 Series G30 will once again be the global market leader in its class. The current generation F10 had this status in all full production years, specifically from 2010 to 2015 inclusive. Only in the current year should the top position not be able to be defended because the newly launched E-Class is well received by customers and against the im F10, which is in the autumn of its life cycle. From the beginning of 2017, the BMW 5 Series G30 will bring the order back into the order preferred by BMW.

BMW 5 Series G30 is built in Dingolfing and at Magna in Graz

In order to be able to manufacture the seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series in accordance with all specifications, the BMW Group has also invested heavily in the Dingolfing site. Several hundred million euros flowed, among other things, into a new body shop, which is located to the west of the factory premises. Production of the 5 Series G30 will start this year, but the market launch will not take place until February 2017.

Oliver Zipse (Board Member of BMW AG for Production): “Dingolfing will remain our competence center for the production of the upper BMW series. The high flexibility within our worldwide production network and the proven cooperation with our partner Magna Steyr give us the opportunity to react agilely to the expected high customer demand for the world’s most successful business sedan. "

Josef Kerscher (Plant Manager BMW Dingolfing): “With the model allocation decisions for 3 and 4 series variants, we have proven our competitiveness and also made ourselves less dependent on the life cycles of the large series. We are therefore happy to have a very professional partner in Magna Steyr for the production of this successful model, who will benefit from our many years of experience in the production of the BMW 5 Series. We Dingolfinger will work closely with the Graz plant. "

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