Bmw 5 series long version g38 lci: facelift for the china 5 series

After sedan and touring for the rest of the world, the BMW 5 Series long version has now also received its facelift 2020. The business sedan, which is run internally as the BMW 5 Series G38 LCI, will celebrate its world premiere in a few days at Auto China 2020 in Beijing — which is also remarkable because automobile fairs are apparently again taking place in China. Compared to the usual 5 Series Sedan (G30 LCI), the BMW 5 Series long version, which is only built in China and only sold in China, has 13 centimeters more wheelbase, which means that the space in the rear is significantly more spacious. If you can do without it, you can also get the normal 5 Series with “short” wheelbase in China.

In order to be able to offer the rear passengers noticeably more luxury in addition to additional space, several features familiar from the 7 Series are available for the BMW 5 Series long version. These include the illuminated panorama glass roof Skylounge, the rear entertainment Professional with two touchscreens that can be adjusted in the angle of inclination on the backrests of the front seats, ambient light with eleven different lighting moods as well as a particularly high-quality comfort rear bench seat with additional upholstery and particularly comfortable headrests. Brings flair to the 5 series.

BMW 5 Series Long Version G38 LCI: Facelift for the China 5 Series

Our readers are already familiar with the visual changes to the facelift for the BMW 5 Series long version from the facelift for sedans and touring. At the front, the flatter headlights and the slightly larger, directly connected kidneys catch the eye. In the rear view, the focus is on the rear lights, because they have been given a completely new interior with a homogeneous light band.

With a total of 174,000 units, the BMW 5 Series was the most successful business sedan in 2019. New models such as the BMW 535Le with plug-in hybrid drive and 292 hp should help to further extend the lead over the competition. The same drive is available for European customers in the new BMW 530e, and the BMW 545e with in-line six-cylinder and 394 hp system output is positioned above it.

BMW 5 Series Long Version G38 LCI: Facelift for the China 5 Series

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