Bmw 9 series gran coupe: what is bmw planning above the 7 series?

Rumors of a future BMW 9 Series or a comeback of the BMW 8 Series have been with us for months, shortly before the celebrations for the 100th birthday on March 7th, thanks to a report by the Handelsblatt, such topics are picking up speed. According to our information, a new series above the current 7 series is by no means ruled out at the moment, but it is more likely to be a so-called four-door coupe than a direct successor to the 8 series E31.

The top model series, which may come on the market as the BMW 9 Series Gran Coupe, is not a candidate for the near future, but it could go on sale this decade. The BMW Group could thus position itself more broadly in a segment that is currently dominated by the six body variants of the Mercedes S-Class — and with a deliberately dynamic but still very practical coupe, thanks to its four doors, occupies a niche that neither Daimler does is still covered by its own luxury brand Rolls-Royce.

BMW 9 Series Gran Coupe: What is BMW planning above the 7 Series?

BMW 9 Series or 8 Series: Dynamic top model based on the 7 Series

To a certain extent, the BMW Concept CS from 2007 could serve as a stylistic model for the potential BMW 9 Series, which was already a done deal at the time and was then held back by the economic crisis. The four-door luxury coupe was originally designed by Karim Habib, who has now returned to BMW after a brief stop at Mercedes and has been responsible for the brand’s exterior design since 2012.

A more modern interpretation of a similar topic is the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe, which however only has two doors and therefore, according to our information, does not offer a realistic view of the possibly upcoming top model.

Regardless of the number of doors and the name, it seems clear that the new BMW 8 Series or 9 Series would use the technology of the current 7 Series including carbon core. The driving dynamics advantages of the lightweight construction concept could be carried out even better with a more dynamically designed luxury glider, and such a vehicle would also optimally match the high-tech demands of the brand.

It remains to be seen whether BMW will actually comment on the topic during the celebrations for its 100th birthday. We assume that BMW will use the event to present a vision car — but it doesn’t have to be the new luxury class above the 7-series.

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