Bmw alpina b3 s / b4 s biturbo: 440 ps for the facelift 2017

They didn’t deserve it, but the mid-range athletes BMW Alpina B3 S and BMW Alpina B4 S Biturbo will still be in the shadow of their big brothers from the B5 family at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. But while the refiners from Buchloe are still shrouding themselves in elegant silence about the big world premiere, they are already putting all cards on the table in the case of the 3 and 4 versions. In addition to the optical retouching of the 4-series facelift 2017, it is above all a change under the bonnet that deserves our attention: In future, 440 hp and 660 Newton meters of torque will be in the data sheets!

The increase in performance is made possible by a revised charging concept and a more powerful cooling system for the BMW N55 in-line six-cylinder engine. The peak output is 7 percent higher than the previous B3, the torque has even been increased by 10 percent and is also available in a wider speed range than before. The engine, which has been massively redesigned in Buchloe, is combined with an adapted variant of the proven ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, which, as is typical for Alpina, can be operated with Switch-Tronic buttons on the back of the steering wheel.

BMW Alpina B3 S / B4 S Biturbo: 440 PS for the facelift 2017

All variants with the exception of the BMW Alpina B3 S Allrad Touring reach a top speed of over 300 km / h and the power station wagon with four driven wheels certainly doesn’t have to hide in view of a Vmax of 298 km / h. The fastest variants are the rear-wheel drive B3 S Sedan and the B4 S Coupe, both of which reach a maximum of 306 km / h. With the exception of the B4 S Cabrio, all body variants are also available with all-wheel drive on request. In the case of the BMW Alpina B4 S Coupe, its traction helps ensure that the 100 mark falls after 3.9 seconds and 200 km / h can be reached in 13.4 seconds.

The prices for the noble alternatives to M3 and M4 start at 72,900 euros for the B3 S sedan, the identically motorized touring costs at least 74,700 euros. The B4 S Coupe is even more expensive and has a base price of 75,300 euros. The all-wheel drive increases the prices by 2,900 euros each. The BMW Alpina B4 S Cabrio is only available with rear-wheel drive; at least 81,400 euros have to be invested for open-air fun.

BMW Alpina B3 S Biturbo F30 LCI / F31 LCI with 440 PS:

BMW Alpina B4 S Biturbo F32 LCI / F33 LCI with 440 PS:

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