Bmw celebrates 5,555,555 bmw 5 series

BMW has another big anniversary to celebrate, because yesterday the Bavarian Forest National Park was able to receive a very special vehicle as a donation from the BMW Group: The BMW 525d xDrive Touring (E61) in the deep green metallic color that matches the park is not only economical and equipped with the intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive system, but also with a very special serial number.

If you add up all the models of the BMW 5 Series that have been built since the series was launched in 1972, you get 5,555,555. BMW 5 Series. A few years will pass before the next such schnapps number with the participation of the 5, which makes this BMW 5 Series very special.

BMW celebrates 5,555,555 BMW 5 Series

In the national park, the gift is to be used as an emergency vehicle for several projects in the fields of biodiversity and climate research.

Since the introduction of the 5 series in 1972, the models in this series have impressed with a unique combination of comfort and sportiness, which has meanwhile been tried to copy because of its great success. The success of the BMW 5 Series also made a significant contribution to the success of the Dingolfing site, as more than 5.3 million of the approximately 5.5 million vehicles were manufactured in the Lower Bavarian plant.

While the start of series production in 1972 was still taking place at the main plant in Munich, production was then quickly moved to the then brand-new plant in Dingolfing. The 5-series is also being assembled in small numbers in India, Egypt, Russia and China, and the long version, which is offered exclusively on the Chinese market, is also being built at the Shenyang plant.

Karl Friedrich Sinner (Head of the Bavarian Forest National Park Administration): “In the Bavarian Forest National Park, we want to further expand our success as a pioneer in the field of nature and national park research and as a motor of the tourism industry in the region. The mobility of our employees plays an essential role in this. Here, too, we pursue the goal of fulfilling our tasks with the greatest possible conservation of natural resources. The vehicle provided by BMW with its low consumption data fits this concept perfectly. ”

BMW celebrates 5,555,555 BMW 5 Series

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