Bmw germany also impressed with good figures in july

After the figures from the USA, we can now provide you with the Germany figures for July 2010, but not yet with all the usual details. The official press release from BMW is still a while in coming, but the Federal Motor Transport Authority has already communicated the most important figures.

BMW and MINI came to a total of 23,394 units in July, 3.7 percent above the previous year. The market share of both brands in July was 9.9 percent. Even if growth of 3.7 percent sounds manageable at first, a look at the overall market helps to put this first impression into perspective: Overall, the sales figures of all manufacturers fell by 30.0 percent, with the exception of Porsche, Mercedes, Smart, Land Rover and Jaguar all brands had to accept a decline compared to the same month last year.

BMW Germany also impressed with good figures in July

As usual, the premium competition from Stuttgart is somewhat better positioned than BMW on its home market and is well ahead of BMW with 24,394 units and growth of 8.1%. In addition, there is the individually listed Smart brand, which has 2,743 units and also grew by 3.9 percent. Unfortunately, the KBA has not communicated individual figures for BMW and MINI, which is why the comparison at this point has to remain somewhat imprecise.

The VW subsidiary Audi had 19,116 units in July, 8.4 percent below the previous year. The Ingolstadt-based company is therefore the clear number 3 premium manufacturer. The parent company Volkswagen sold 44,936 units in July and had to accept a 33.9 percent decline due to the discontinuation of the scrapping bonus.

Looking at the first seven months of 2010 together, the overall market has shrunk by 28.9 percent and only three car brands were able to increase compared to the same period in the previous year: Jaguar (+ 5.9%), Land Rover (+ 32.6%) and Nissan / Infinity (+ 17.7%). With a decrease of only 0.4 percent, BMW and MINI are in fourth place in Germany.

In total, BMW and MINI were able to sell 158,761 vehicles in the first seven months of the year and are, as usual, well behind Mercedes (160,961 / -4.2%) and Smart (16,911 / -19.9) in absolute terms, which, however, suffered greater losses had to accept. Audi follows clearly behind BMW and Mercedes with 128,599 vehicles sold and is 11.9 percent below the same period last year. The market leader VW has sold 371,814 vehicles so far in 2010, which is 23.6 percent below the 2009 figure.

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