Bmw idrive with touchscreen: test work in the «old» 5 series f11

Together with the new BMW 7 Series G11, a new generation of BMW iDrive will also make its debut in autumn 2015 — for the first time, the infotainment system will not only be operable via the iDrive controller, but will also be able to be controlled by touching the display, which will in future be designed as a touchscreen.

At least the top-of-the-line BMW innovations that appear after the 7 Series will also receive the new BMW iDrive system with touchscreen. One of the first candidates for this is the BMW 5 Series G30, which will be presented in 2016 and will go on sale in early 2017 at the latest. On the other hand, the current BMW 5 Series F10 or its station wagon version F11 is not a candidate for a new navigation update — which our reader Philip has now caught with a strange configuration.

BMW iDrive with touchscreen: test work in the "old" 5 Series F11

The outwardly inconspicuous prototype is apparently used to be able to test the new navigation system inconspicuously. For this purpose, the new, free-standing infotainment display was installed in front of the display integrated into the dashboard of the BMW 5 Series F10 / F11. The clearly visible wiring finally makes it clear that this is a provisional solution for test purposes.

With the new BMW iDrive, the input options via controller or touch will be completely equal. Without exception, all functions can be controlled and used as before with the rotatable and push-button controller on the center console and with the help of the touchscreen controls familiar from smartphones and tablets.

The new BMW Touch Command system is also interesting for the BMW 7 Series G11 and other vehicles with particularly high demands from the rear passengers. This is a tablet computer from Samsung that is connected to the vehicle via WLAN and enables the intuitive control of numerous infotainment and convenience functions. Just like in the living room at home, the user can lean back and relax and doesn’t have to worry about fixed input devices.

The tablet computer, which is fully integrated into the vehicle electronics, can be stowed in a crash-proof holder and conveniently charged using a snap-in adapter. A specially adapted BMW app on the tablet enables the rear seat entertainment system to be controlled & Co. in the presentation familiar from BMW iDrive.

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