Bmw inext 2021: electric suv defies sun and dust in africa

As the third i-model to be developed entirely in-house, the BMW iNext 2021 is expected to cause as much turbulence as the i3 and i8 a few years ago. The electric SUV now shows us a whole series of new photos during the hot country tests in South Africa, where, in addition to extreme heat, dust, permanent sunlight and unpaved roads are among the challenges facing the technology.

Despite the strong camouflage, the Erlkonig photos give us a relatively clear view of the silhouette of the vehicle, which looks very dynamic despite the dimensions in X5 format. If you look at the window line visible under the camouflage, you will notice strong differences to the iNext Concept — which also applies to some other areas such as the headlights, which are no longer so flat.

BMW iNext 2021: Electric SUV defies sun and dust in Africa

The double kidney grille that will shape the front design of the BMW iNext remains completely hidden under the strong camouflage. If you believe the statements of design boss Domagoj Dukec, the kidney will get a major overhaul on the way to series production, to make the iNext more clearly recognizable as BMW. The BMW i4 will provide an indication of the final design of the new i-kidney next week, which will be available in a near-series look at the Geneva Salon 2020.

In addition to testing in African heat and drought, the BMW iNext also completes countless kilometers on the French Miramas test track, on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, in the far north of Scandinavia and in stop-and-go traffic in various large cities. The usual test cycle for every new BMW ensures that the technology works under a wide variety of conditions and allows the stress of normal car life to be simulated in a significantly shorter time.

Series production of the BMW iNext will begin in 2021 at the Dingolfing plant, which will be comprehensively upgraded for this purpose. The already known technical cornerstones of the iNext include a range of up to 700 kilometers and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in under 4 seconds. In addition, the electric SUV should set new standards in the field of autonomous driving, from which all other future BMW models will also benefit in further steps. In this way, BMW i remains the incubator for new technologies which, based on the particularly innovative i models, spread across the entire model range.

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