Bmw inext: new bmw i electric car planned for 2020

Today’s annual press conference was not just about numbers, but also about new models like the BMW iNext. A new electric car is being developed under this name, which will set new standards at the beginning of the next decade and underscore the BMW Group’s claim to leadership in the field of sustainable mobility. Those responsible have held back today with details about the BMW iNext, but some aspects have already been specifically named today.

According to this, the BMW iNext should bring new forms of automated driving and digital networking into series production thanks to innovative sensors and powerful software. The design of the exterior and interior, the basic design of the interior and the subject of lightweight construction are also to be raised to a new level with the BMW iNext in 2020.

BMW iNext: New BMW i electric car planned for 2020

According to our information, the BMW iNext does not mean the i5 planned for this decade, the latter rather embodies the current state of the art and is therefore significantly less revolutionary. Under the iNext, we can imagine a car that should be as future-oriented as the i8 forerunner BMW Vision EfficientDynamics from 2009.

Harald Kruger (Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG): “The BMW iNEXT heralds the next era of mobility. The symbol of our technology leadership will show how we bring the future of mobility into series production. For our success in the coming years, we have to be able to do both: We have to master our current business perfectly and continue to expand it in a targeted manner in order to make the necessary investments and freedom to ensure the success of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We are shaping the future of mobility on our own by combining operational excellence and new thinking in one company. "

Klaus Frohlich (Chief Development Officer): “Our focus is clear: We ensure the BMW Group’s technology leadership. With project i 2.0 we are at the forefront of autonomous driving. We implement research projects in innovative industrial processes and thus bring the technology of the future onto the road. Whether design, operation or daily use: in the future we will think all our products even more consistently from the customer. Our technology will learn to anticipate our customers’ needs. This is how we transform data into intelligence and create a better quality of life in a mobile world. "

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