Bmw is following suit: from autumn optional active protection for the 5-series

Mercedes and Audi customers have known comparable systems for many months, and now BMW is following suit: under the title Active Protection, new special equipment will provide even more safety from autumn 2011 by perfectly preparing the driver and front passenger for an impending accident.

If the central safety electronics detect the risk of a collision, the side windows and sunroof are automatically closed, and electrically adjustable seats are brought into an upright position. The electromechanical seat belt tensioner is also activated and supports the correct seating position of the driver and front passenger in order to make the work of the rest of the protective systems easier and to mitigate the consequences of the accident as much as possible.

BMW is following suit: from autumn optional Active Protection for the 5-series

After an accident, the system also ensures that the vehicle is braked to a standstill in order to avoid further collisions or to mitigate their consequences.

Even when there is no critical situation, the vehicle constantly analyzes its driving behavior and recognizes when the driver is no longer on the road as usual as a result of being extremely tired. In this case, the system recommends taking a break from driving, thus helping to avoid accidents caused by microsleep.

Initially, Active Protection will only be available for the 5 Series Sedan and 5 Series Touring, but it goes without saying that the other model series will also be equipped with the new technology in the coming months.

Apart from the additional safety equipment, the 5 Series will also offer new engines from autumn 2011: As announced, variants of the turbocharged four-cylinder N20B20 will be used in the 520i and 528i, for fans of the inline six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine the new 530i with 272 hp will be available. In the diesels, a twin-turbo four-cylinder with 218 hp replaces the previous six-cylinder in the 525d, and the 520d EfficientDynamics Edition is also being launched.

The range of models with the intelligent all-wheel drive xDrive will also be expanded: from autumn there will also be the 528i xDrive, 525d xDrive and 535d xDrive variants in addition to the previously offered 530d xDrive, 535i xDrive and 550i xDrive. The range is also made even more attractive by new equipment packages, with the help of which the price of the special equipment can be lowered a little.

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