Bmw is investing a further 300 million euros in the regensburg plant by 2012

Production of the new BMW 1 Series F20 at the Regensburg plant only started a few days ago, for which around 300 million euros have been invested in the location since October 2009. In particular, the body shop, whose area was increased by around 20,000 square meters, was expanded and modernized. In the future, thanks to the investments, it will be possible to build the new 1 Series in a mix with other models as far as possible on the same line and have up to 800 F20s roll off the production line per day.

The investments that have now been completed for the construction of the new 1-series also mark the beginning of a further investment phase with a volume of around 300 million euros. The measures now announced will be necessary in order to be able to manufacture the new 3-series in all its variants as planned. The new sedan with the internal designation F30 will be at dealerships in March 2012, followed by the Touring F31 in autumn as usual. In addition to the 4 Series Coupe F32 and 4 Series Cabrio F33, there will also be a BMW 3 Series GT F34.

BMW is investing a further 300 million euros in the Regensburg plant by 2012

Dr. Andreas Wendt (Plant manager): “The plant is busy, production is running at high speed. We light a large product fireworks display in the factory. That is why we will continue to invest in the location. This year and next, we will again be spending around 300 million euros in hand to make the plant fit for the start-ups of the BMW 3 Series. The Regensburg plant is responsible for the production of smaller models of the BMW 1 and 3 Series and its Competence for open vehicles with retractable hardtop very well positioned. We will continue the success story of the plant. The further investments are therefore a clear commitment of the company to the Upper Palatinate location and its future orientation. "

Bernd Koenigsbrugge (Head of the press shop, body shop and paint shop): “With investments of around 180 million euros, we have expanded the usable area in the body shop building by around 20,000 square meters. In addition, we put around 700 new robots into operation and reprogrammed existing automatic systems in the area of ​​joining and conveyor technology. "

BMW is investing a further 300 million euros in the Regensburg plant by 2012

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