Bmw m2 competition 2018: all the latest information about the m2 update

We reported on the M2 CS for the first time over a year ago, now it is clear: The update will be launched in 2018 as the BMW M2 Competition and will not have the name that has already been officially confirmed. The BMW M4 CS will, however, only be the beginning for appropriately named vehicles, because the plans for a new nomenclature for the M models have by no means been changed — the M2 is just sorted slightly differently within the model range.

Because the new logic for different power and performance levels is structured as follows: The entry point is the model available directly at the market launch without a name affix, e.g. a BMW M2. Above this is the variant with the Competition Package, which will in future be marketed under the name BMW M2 Competition, for example. The CS model follows on the next higher level, before the top model CSL finally crowns the series. The abbreviation GTS last used for corresponding models is being retired, at least for the moment.

BMW M2 Competition 2018: All the latest information about the M2 update

But back to the BMW M2 Competition: Contrary to the previous logic of the offer, the new M2 variant is not offered in addition to the standard M2, but replaces it. The background is relatively simple: even if the demand for compact sports cars has developed positively, the market is not big enough for so many models in the same segment — after all, in addition to the BMW M2, there is also the 340 hp M240i, which is also one targets a similar audience.

The new BMW M2 Competition will replace the current M2 in the second half of 2018 and justify its name with some performance-related modifications. Perhaps the most important measure is the new engine, because the previously used N hp is being replaced by a throttled version of the S55 engine from the M3 and M4. The twin-turbo in-line six-cylinder engine offers even better responsiveness and greater power reserves, but out of respect for the larger models, the M2 will “only” send around 400 hp to the rear wheels.

Together with the new drive, we can also expect an even more refined chassis, whereby the rear-wheel drive compact sports car with its balanced weight distribution should offer even more driving dynamics. According to our information, a dramatic price increase is not to be expected: The price for the BMW M2 Competition 2018 should definitely remain below 65,000 euros.

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