Bmw m2 gts and m2 cs: new information about the f87 performance duo

With the BMW M2 GTS and M2 CS, two performance offshoots of the M2 F87 are in the starting blocks. We clarify what distinguishes the two compact athletes.

The rumors about a BMW M2 GTS are almost as old as the M2 itself and the BMW M2 CS has also been mentioned regularly in recent months. With regard to the market launch, it has been clear for some time: the M2 CS will start in 2018, the even sharper M2 GTS will follow a few months later and finally crown the compact sports car series. A possible market launch for the top model is summer 2019, but official confirmation is still pending.

As we reported a few months ago, the BMW M2 CS will be the first production M2 to have the S55 biturbo in-line six-cylinder. While the engine known from M3 and M4 is to be throttled slightly in the case of the M2 CS and will not send more than 400 hp to the rear wheels, a different expansion stage is used in the BMW M2 GTS Coupe. It is likely to be the 450 PS variant, which was previously only available in combination with the Competition Package for M3 and M4.

BMW M2 GTS and M2 CS: New information about the F87 performance duo

The BMW M2 GTS and CS will also differ significantly in terms of the chassis and aerodynamics, and thus set the general route for future performance variants of M GmbH. CS models are positioned noticeably above the production vehicles and offer better driving performance as well as the necessary ingredients for even more driving pleasure, but they remain significantly more suitable for everyday use than the top models, which have been optimized for use on the racetrack and which recently bore the abbreviation GTS and previously among others were marketed as CSL.

In the case of the BMW M2 GTS and CS, this philosophy could, among other things, mean that only the GTS has adjustable aerodynamic elements. The setting options for the chassis are also likely to be more complex on the GTS and allow the driver even more fine-tuning in the search for the optimal setup. Another significant difference is likely to be the tires, because here too the BMW M2 GTS, which takes less account of its suitability for everyday use, can go one step further than its little brother with the abbreviation CS.

It is no surprise that the different positioning of the vehicles will also affect the price. However, its exclusivity will also contribute to the significantly higher price of the BMW M2 GTS, because, like the M4 GTS, the sharpest M2 variant is only likely to be built in limited numbers.

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