Bmw m3 f80 (based on 3 series f30): erlkonig pictures, videos and information

A new BMW M3 always means excitement in the BMW scene: How sporty is the new one? Is it really better than its predecessor? And especially: …

A new BMW M3 always means excitement in the BMW scene: How sporty is the new one? Is it really better than its predecessor? And above all: what kind of engine works under the hood? The upcoming BMW M3 F80 based on the 3 Series sedan F30 is no exception and speculation has shot in all directions in recent months, especially when looking under the bonnet.

Again and again there was talk of a V6 engine, which, thanks to its shorter design, would make it easier to achieve a balanced weight distribution. According to our information, however, a decision has now been made at M GmbH in Garching, which many BMW friends are likely to note with relief: The six cylinders of the upcoming M3 F80 are forced ventilation with turbochargers, but are arranged in a row, as is typical for BMW.

BMW M3 F80 (based on 3 Series F30): Erlkonig pictures, videos and information

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The in-line six-cylinder is very different from the usual AG engines and is said to have a displacement of 3.3 liters. The engine output will be a little more than 450 hp, which will help the new M3 to achieve better driving performance compared to its predecessor, but on the other hand it will maintain a certain respect distance from the BMW M5 F10 and BMW M6 F12.

In the latest Erlkonig photos and videos, the wheel arches on both axles are clearly visible, because the new M3 should once again be the benchmark in its class when it comes to lateral dynamics. According to reports, the use of carbon is also supposed to contribute to this in an extent previously unheard of from super sports cars built in small series.

The weight of the BMW M3 Sedan should therefore be noticeably below the 1,585 kilograms (including driver and luggage) of a BMW 335i F30 and make a significant contribution to increasing driving dynamics and efficiency.

The market launch for the new BMW M3 F80 is in 2013 and, unlike before, only the sedan will be available under the name M3. As part of the renaming from the 3 Series Coupe and Convertible to the BMW 4 Series (F32, F33), the M derivatives will also be given new names: in 20, the BMW M4 Coupe F82 and the BMW M4 Convertible F83.

The following video, which was recorded from a BMW 1 Series M Coupe with an increase in performance to 420 hp, provides an impression of the BMW M3 F80 on the unlimited motorway:

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