Bmw m3 f80: new design for the side of the m3 sedan for 2014

Update: There is now a picture with a side view of the virtual vehicle.

On Saturday we were able to present Gerald Alvarez’s vision for the rear of the new BMW M3 2014 (F80), now the front follows in the style of an imaginary advertisement for the new high-performance sedan. Even if the impression is given, it is of course not an official BMW advertisement and therefore not a real picture of the new M3.

At the front, Alvarez draws on well-known elements and uses, for example, parts of the bonnet of the current M3 generation and the front apron of the 1 Series M Coupe, so it will be relatively far removed from the later series design. Nevertheless, we get a good impression of what a BMW 3 Series F30 could look like with the typical make-up of Garching-based M GmbH and can see the broad impact that the design team wanted to achieve with the new design of the transition from the headlights to the kidneys.

BMW M3 F80: New design for the side of the M3 sedan for 2014

In the meantime, there has been no new knowledge about the technology under the outer skin. The fifth generation of M3 is powered by the new BMW M4 Coupe F82 and BMW M4 Cabrio F83 models, which are powered by a supercharged six-cylinder whose cylinders are currently arranged in a row.

On the rear wheels, 440 to 470 hp will provide propulsion and will have relatively easy time with the vehicle’s weight of less than 1.5 tons. The reduction in weight is achieved through the extensive use of carbon in the body structure, which is also the reason for the different internal designation (F80 ff. Instead of F30 ff.) For the M models.

BMW M3 F80: New design for the side of the M3 sedan for 2014

In terms of chassis technology, the potential of the lower weight should be consistently used in order to clearly distinguish the new M3 from the current generation in all relevant disciplines. While the new M3 is consistently positioned as an athlete, customers looking for a fast everyday car will in future be catered for with a sufficiently sporty but less radical BMW M Performance automobile based on the 3-series F30.

BMW M3 F80: New design for the side of the M3 sedan for 2014

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