Bmw m4 2021: drift potential clearly visible in the erlkonig video

Even under tons of camouflage, it is impossible to hide the driving fun potential of the new BMW M4 2021. As we have officially known since our interview with M chief developer Dirk Hacker, the sports coupe, known internally as the G82, will initially come onto the market with classic rear-wheel drive, promising pure driving pleasure combined with high driving demands. In view of the 480 hp in the basic model and even 510 hp in the new BMW M4 Competition, it is obvious that even experienced drivers have enough power to control power oversteer at all times. A current Erlkonig video from Automotive Mike shows what this can look like, showing a prototype on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

As we were already able to experience at the Sachsenring, the level of driving dynamics is again noticeably higher than that of the predecessor, which was hardly to be expected in this vehemence. The developers were able to take the biggest step in the front end of the car, which with its enormous rigidity provides the basis for an even more powerful front axle. So it was possible to teach the BMW M4 2021 an even better steering behavior and an even more steadfast refusal to understeer — what the predecessor already mastered with flying colors is raised to a new level in the G82.

BMW M4 2021: Drift potential clearly visible in the Erlkonig video

Anyone who does not want to do without year-round suitability for all the driving dynamics in the alpine region can order the BMW M4 in 2021 or 2022 at the latest with the M xDrive all-wheel drive. While the rear-wheel drive will be available with both a manual gearbox and an eight-speed automatic and in the output levels 4 hp, there is only one configuration for the all-wheel-drive M4: 510 hp and eight-speed automatic are always on board and should be used for it ensure that the all-wheel drive becomes the fastest M4 ever thanks to its superior traction.

Our sound video from the Sachsenring shows how the current prototypes are set up acoustically and what sound we can expect from the S58 biturbo in-line six-cylinder. You can hear “only” the 480 hp entry-level model, the 30 hp competition models will also be even more impressive acoustically.

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