Bmw m5 facelift 2020: erlkonig video shows m5 cs on the ring

The approaching summer not only brings a major update for the 5 Series, the BMW M is also just around the corner. The BMW M5 F90 LCI not only shares the newly designed headlights and taillights with the 5 Series Facelift 2020, the adapted shape of the front headlights and kidneys will also bring a certain change to the front apron design. As a special icing on the cake, the BMW M5 CS is currently announced at full throttle, but according to our information it will not be available directly for the facelift and will take a few more months to come.

But when it storms onto the market, it promises impressive performance and one or two superlatives. Just like other CS models from Garching, the BMW M5 CS is based on the already extremely high-performance competition model, which it is supposed to outperform in all relevant disciplines. To achieve this, the developers are not only turning all the screws, but apparently also doing many laps of the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

BMW M: Erlkonig video shows M5 CS on the ring

A current Erlkonig video from Automotive Mike shows us the BMW M5 CS in the Green Hell in some settings, in other scenes the BMW M can be seen without the eye-catching CS elements. Above all, the additional attachment for the front apron and the considerably larger spoiler lip at the rear make the M5 CS with the registration number M EI 1658 easily recognizable despite its camouflage. Of course, in the video we also get a first impression of the sound of the uber-F90, which will of course have a different exhaust system than the other M5 models.

As in the recent Erlkonig photos, we can again see the golden brake calipers of the BMW M carbon-ceramic brake system, which could well be part of the standard equipment of the M5 CS. Together, the brakes and rims could ensure a noticeable reduction in the unsprung mass and underline the higher agility requirements of the CS model. Further measures to increase performance concern the chassis, the software for all driving dynamics-relevant systems, the aerodynamics and of course the engine power: The 625 PS of the M5 Competition will surpass the new top model in any case.

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