Bmw motorsport wants to collect wtcc points in marrakech

Even if the season opener was sobering and the speed of the two BMW 320si WTCCs of Andy Priaulx and Augusto Farfus did not seem sufficient, the RBM team in Marrakech would like to collect more points in the World Touring Car Championship. This is to ensure that the driver is not too late when the announced updates arrive at the vehicle. On the other hand, one does not hope for much from the updates, because the BMW 320si has been driving in the WTCC for several years and is more or less fully developed because the regulations do not allow any major changes.

The circuit in Marrakech also gives little cause for optimism, because the light blue cars from Chevrolet won here last year. It can be assumed that this balance of power has not changed in favor of BMW, and expectations of Bart Mampaey and his team are correspondingly subdued.

BMW Motorsport wants to collect WTCC points in Marrakech

Bart Mampaey (Team Principal): “We used the break after the season opener in Brazil and spent a lot of time on the track in test drives with the BMW 320si WTCC. We were able to achieve some detail improvements. However, our car is now in its fifth season. In addition, the regulations only permit further development to a very limited extent. Big leaps in development are therefore hardly possible. In addition, the route layout in Marrakech does not necessarily play into our cards. Despite this difficult starting position, we will fight hard to return from North Africa with a sense of achievement. "

Augusto Farfus: “Marrakech was difficult terrain for us in 2009. At the premiere of the WTCC in Africa, our car did not do well. But with the help of the data collected, we should be better prepared this time. The favorites are definitely different. Apart from our performance, I really liked Marrakech last year. The event was well organized and the paddock didn’t have to hide from any European circuit. ”

Andy Priaulx: “That was a long break, at least as far as the World Touring Car Championship is concerned. Augusto and I still spent a lot of time in the car and tested a lot. We also competed in various GT races with the BMW M3 GT2. So boredom did not arise. Last year the event in Marrakech was a good show. I like the country and the special flair of the city. It won’t be easy in terms of sport, but we are still motivated to the tip of our hair. "

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