Bmw pickup truck: «never say never» instead of a clear no

Even if it often just shakes the head in Europe, pickup trucks are among the best-selling cars in many countries. Not only do the USA and North America play a role, the practical all-rounders are also an integral part of the streetscape in many regions of Latin and South America as well as in Asia and Australia. The BMW Group has so far left this attractive field to other manufacturers without a fight, but this reluctance could one day be a thing of the past.

BMW Australia boss Marc Werner told the Australian magazine tellingly that one should never say never in connection with a premium pickup from BMW. The market is being carefully observed by those responsible, but the conditions for a quick entry are better with the premium competitors: Mercedes is established as a supplier of commercial vehicles and trucks and can fall back on technology from cooperation partner Renault-Nissan for the already announced pickup, Audi could use the VW Touareg as a basis.

BMW pickup truck: "Never say never" instead of a clear no

The situation is different at BMW, because the Munich-based company has not yet had any similar platforms. The quickest solution would be to use a cooperation partner who is established in the segment and who is familiar with the requirements for a pickup. It is doubtful whether you can meet your own premium standards in this way — although other brands deliberately take advantage of the fact that for many customers the logo on the front is significantly more important than the technology under the sheet metal.

For the Munich-based company, Toyota could come into play in this context, after all, BMW is also cooperating with the Japanese in other areas. So far, however, the considerations surrounding a BMW pickup do not seem particularly concrete, only a definitive no, Marc Werner apparently did not want to be determined — unlike Hendrik von Kuenheim, who saw no chance for a corresponding vehicle a little more than a year ago.

Should one actually decide one day to offer a pickup truck in Munich, it is very likely that it will not be a model for worldwide use. Instead, the X model with an open loading area could only be offered in those markets that have strong demand for corresponding vehicles. BMW acts in a very similar way with the long versions of certain series, which are only offered in China and withheld from the rest of the world.

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