Bmw vision next 100: first live photos from the anniversary show car

We can deliver the first live photos of the BMW Vision Next 100 show car straight from the world premiere in the Olympiahalle in Munich. The Vision Car shows what the future of the automobile could look like and takes a look at what visions the designers and developers of the BMW Group have for the next two to three decades. The study offers some typical BMW elements such as the upright double kidney grille, while other aspects such as the four-eye face have been reinterpreted.

Driving pleasure will remain the unchanged heart of the brand for the next 100 years. Although future vehicles such as the BMW Next 100 Vision Car will be able to drive completely autonomously, the option to drive independently should also make a decisive contribution to the attractiveness and emotional connection to the vehicle in the future. The reduced steering wheel can therefore be folded in and stowed in the extremely reduced dashboard, but it is also available at any time for active driving maneuvers and driving pleasure.

BMW Vision Next 100: First live photos from the anniversary show car

BMW Vision Next 100: Live photos from the anniversary show car

The fully clad wheel arches, like the missing exterior mirrors, are important measures to significantly reduce air resistance. The BMW Vision Next 100 has a drag coefficient of 0.18, which is achieved with an active body: when the front wheels are turned, the body shape also changes, thus enabling the desired steering angle. At higher speeds, the vehicle is also artificially lengthened in order to further optimize the aerodynamics of the rear.

BMW does not comment specifically on many technical details and, in particular, on the vehicle’s drive system; after all, it is more about a general preview of the possibilities of the future than about the vision of an upcoming production vehicle. Nevertheless, people in Munich are convinced that many aspects of the futuristic show car will go into series production within the next 30 years.

The windshield, which works as a head-up display over its entire area and provides the occupants with all relevant information, also falls into this range of possible series elements. Using augmented reality, information is displayed directly in the appropriate area of ​​the field of vision, for example hazards or additional information can be highlighted directly on the respective element.

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