Bmw x3 2017: erlkonig photos of the new g01

The BMW X3 2017, known internally as G01, is completing its first tests on American soil, we have fresh Erlkonig photos from the Spartanburg area.

A little patience is required before the new BMW X3 G01 is launched on the market in 2017, but the third generation of the compact SUV is already on the road near the Spartanburg plant. Erlkonig hunter Palbay caught the third BMW X3 during its first test drives on American soil and gave us some good impressions of the proportions of the off-roader, the interior of which we unveiled a few weeks ago.

When looking at the side view, the relatively steeply sloping roof line catches the eye, which makes the BMW X3 G01 appear very dynamic. According to our information, it cannot be ruled out that the Munich-based company will also launch the X3 in a long version as a seven-seater. This variant would certainly have a less steeply sloping roof in order to be able to offer enough headroom in the third row.

BMW X3 2017: Erlkonig photos of the new G01

BMW X3 2017: G01 Erlkonig caught in the USA

In addition to the classic variants, the five-door model caught here could also be available for the first time as a genuine BMW X3 M, there is undoubtedly a market for a little brother of the X5 M — and of course the success of the Porsche Macan does not go unnoticed in Munich. The native of Zuffenhausen should also ensure that the new BMW X3 G01 is generally tuned a bit more dynamically and comes closer to the Macan in terms of driving pleasure.

As we have already shown our interior photos, another focus of development is on an overall higher quality interior. Many buttons and switches will shine with metal surfaces like in the 7 Series and even if the X3 will maintain a certain respectable distance from its big brother X5, it is moving much closer to the luxury SUV. Of course, this also applies to the scope of the expected assistance systems, which in 2017 will also include some aspects of autonomous driving and can relieve the driver in many everyday situations.

The new BMW X3 2017 is powered by the latest engines from the modular family, the spectrum ranges from the 2.0-liter four-cylinder B47 and B48 engines to the six-cylinder B57 and B58 engines with 3.0 liter displacement. According to our information, the use of three-cylinder engines is not initially planned. As before, the basic models are offered in versions with rear-wheel drive called sDrive, while more powerful models use xDrive all-wheel drive as standard.

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