Bmw x3 xdrive30e g01: plug-in hybrid x3 caught for 2019

When you think of the BMW X3 and electric drive, the iX3 is first and foremost in view. As early as 2019, however, the BMW X3 xDrive30e, a plug-in hybrid, will be launched on the market, which rounds off the range of drive variants for the BMW X3 G01: petrol and diesel have been available since market launch, and the combination of combustion engine and electric drive will follow in 2019 and at the end In 2020 the BMW iX3 will go on sale as a purely electric car.

The X3 will thus be the first BMW series available with such a broad mix of drives — but what is still unusual today will become the norm for many series in the future. The photos of our reader Max show that the development of the plug-in hybrid BMW X3 xDrive30e is in full swing: he caught an undisguised prototype in the north of Munich, which is revealed by the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” sticker. Later Max saw the additional flap for the power connection in the front left fender, but unfortunately could not take a picture of this detail.

BMW X3 xDrive30e G01: Plug-in hybrid X3 caught for 2019

Even without a photo, however, it is clear: the BMW X3 xDrive30e is on its way, everything points to a market launch in 2019. The drive train with four-cylinder petrol engine, electric motor and XtraBoost is already familiar from the new BMW 330e G20, only the size of the lithium-ion battery combined with it is open.

We assume that the plug-in hybrid X3 will noticeably crack the 50 kilometer range according to the WLTP cycle and is therefore perfectly suitable for commuters who want to cope with the daily commute to work with zero local emissions. Thanks to the gasoline engine, there is always enough range available for longer tours at the weekend. The battery is optionally charged via wireless charging, as is already possible with the 530e today.

Anyone who wants even more electric range and can do without the quick refueling of a conventional combustion engine will be served with the BMW iX3 from the end of 2020. The all-electric X3 will be built in China and will therefore initially also be launched in China at the end of 2020; in Europe and North America, hardly any customer will be behind the wheel of the iX. In the variant presented so far with over 200 kW (272 hp) and rear-wheel drive, BMW has announced an electric range of over 400 kilometers, but there are no exact figures yet.

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