Bmw x4 2018: photos show suv coupe g02 in all its glory

There are photos that are more hotly discussed in Munich than others. The first photos of the new BMW X4 2018 definitely belong in the “extra hot” category, because of course there is a question in the middle of the room: How did that happen ?! Apparently completely undisguised, a copy of the new SUV coupe was transported near the Spartanburg plant and was therefore easy prey for Erlkonig hunter Palbay — several months before the planned start of communications for the X3 offshoot!

While other examples of the BMW X4 2018 are still on the road with heavy camouflage and will still have to be camouflaged extensively in the next few weeks, the random photos show the X4, internally known as G02, in full glory. The taillights deserve special attention, which despite their L-shape appear very flat and thus remind a little of the Mercedes GLC Coupe.

BMW X4 2018: Photos show SUV Coupe G02 in all its glory

The lettering on the rear is also exciting, because the white prototype is apparently a BMW X4 M40d with a twin-turbo diesel engine. The powerful six-cylinder diesel, which is expected to produce around 330 hp and is particularly relevant for Europe, has not yet been officially announced for the BMW X3 G01. But it will also come onto the market in the form of the BMW X3 M40d. For the rest of the world, which is less diesel-savvy, the BMW X4 M40i with 360 hp petrol engine, however, should be more interesting, as it shares the technology with the X3 M40i already presented.

A large part of the remaining engine range of the second BMW X4 generation will also be known from the X3 by the time the X3 is launched in summer 2018. While the diesel variants X3 xDrive20d and xDrive30d are in the focus of customer interest in Germany and Europe, the X3 xDrive30i in particular will be in demand in the rest of the world.

The close relationship to the X3 G01 is also evident in the safety and assistance systems, here both vehicles offer the same capabilities if required. The BMW Personal Co-Pilot controls the SUV Coupe in many situations without the driver having to do anything: Just like the X3, the new 2018 BMW X4 also has the autonomous driving capabilities known from the 5, 6 and 7 Series. In the interior, higher-quality materials in combination with a fresher design and a standard acoustic windshield should ensure more premium flair.

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