Bmw z4 3.0si roadster: e85 lci with foliation in lago green

Big kidneys were not always the dominant topic in design discussions around BMW: When the Z4 Roadster E85, designed under the leadership of Chris Bangle, was presented in 2002, there was instead a lot of criticism for the double kidney, which in some eyes was too small do not exude enough aggressiveness and sportiness This year, the debate about the design of the open two-seater is coming of age and from today’s perspective seems almost grotesque, because there are always arguments about the central air inlets at the front, regardless of size.

But despite some criticism, the BMW Z4 E85 also found many followers within a short time. Some current photos from SchwabenFolia now show what will convince the fans of the two-seater in 2020 as well as in 2002: Extremely crisp proportions with very short overhangs and an extremely flat silhouette make the first Z4 a real eye-catcher even today. Anyone who has seen enough of the original paintwork over the years will receive a new look at SchwabenFolia in practically any desired color. In the photos that have now been published, we see a black painted E85 LCI, whose appearance is fundamentally changed with a film in dark Lago Green.

BMW Z4 3.0si Roadster: E85 LCI with foliation in Lago Green

The 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder vacuum cleaner N52, which was specified in the BMW Z4 3.0si with 265 hp and 315 Newton meters of maximum torque, is located under the dark green sheet metal. The most powerful Z4 E85 without an M in its name accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds and had to be braked electronically at 250 km / h. Only the 300 hp Alpina Roadster and, of course, the Z4 M with the legendary high-speed S54 engine, whose 343 hp also had countless fans in the M3 E46, were even faster.

In the case of the open two-seater, too, SchwabenFolia shows, in addition to some photos of the entire vehicle, various detail excerpts that show the craftsmanship of the wrapping professionals. Regardless of whether it is door handles, the side flashing lights with BMW logo integrated into a stylized Z or complicated transitions, even in places like these, the film looks more like a factory finish than a second skin that has been added afterwards:

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