Bmw z4 roadster: first rumors about the e89 successor for 2015/2016

The current generation of the BMW Z4 with the internal designation E89 has its facelift and thus also a significant part of its model cycle ahead of it, but the first rumors about the successor to the E89 are already circulating on the Internet.

Edmund’s InsideLine reports, citing alleged insiders, that the next Z4 generation should be more sporty and direct than the current model, but again limits the meaning of the message in the next breath: The character will not be changed so permanently that the At the moment, customers who are satisfied with an E89 are offended and, to a certain extent, forced to change the brand.

BMW Z4 Roadster: First rumors about the E89 successor for 2015/2016

A similar prediction can be made for almost every upcoming sports car without any insider knowledge, because the ever-increasing maximum spread between the settings of adaptive chassis alone allows a certain increase in driving dynamics to be achieved without making any significant compromises in terms of comfort have to.

It is clear that the change from the razor-sharp character of the first Z4 generation E85 to the more comfortable setup of the E89 was well considered in Munich. Even if BMW initially received a lot of criticism for its apparent proximity to the Mercedes SLK Roadster and some car testers lacked the sharpness of the predecessor, the E89 seems to suit the taste of most potential customers.

A not entirely unimportant role should also be played by the fact that, thanks to its metal retractable roof, many people perceive the E89 as a year-round car, while the E85 with a fabric roof is more likely to appeal to people looking for a dynamic roadster for nice summer weekends.

We do not expect any miracles in terms of driving dynamics from the next BMW Z4 Roadster, which will be launched in 2015 or rather 2016. The recently revised Porsche Boxster should be difficult to beat in this discipline, but BMW doesn’t have to try that with the Z4.

InsideLine also reports that the next Z4 will come with a shorter hood. The reason is the overwhelming use of turbocharged four-cylinder engines instead of the in-line six-cylinder engines that were only offered at the time of the E89 market launch and were naturally longer. As there will be a long time to go before the market launch of the next BMW Z4, we advise you to treat the rumors with the necessary caution and not to regard them as facts.

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