Just a few days ago, a mysterious BMW M8 prototype made headlines around the world due to some mid-engine evidence, now the same prototype is in focus again — because it will soon no longer be seen on the ring. Current photos from CarScoops.com show how the Erlkonig is stuck under a tarpaulin and being prepared for removal on a tow truck. The photos were apparently preceded by an accident in which the prototype touched both the left and right guardrails in the Plantgarten area and suffered some damage in the process.

Not only are dented fenders and a damaged front visible, the front left wheel suspension also appears to be broken. The test driver was apparently uninjured in the accident and the damage is also repairable, but nobody should be particularly happy about the incident: It is obvious that planned tests will be delayed due to the repair break. What is even more annoying, however, is that photos of the accident have ended up on the Internet and are now attracting even more interest to the test vehicle.

Nurburgring accident: mysterious BMW prototype again in focus

The approaching summer not only brings a major update for the 5 Series, the BMW M is also just around the corner. The BMW M5 F90 LCI not only shares the newly designed headlights and taillights with the 5 Series Facelift 2020, the adapted shape of the front headlights and kidneys will also bring a certain change to the front apron design. As a special icing on the cake, the BMW M5 CS is currently announced at full throttle, but according to our information it will not be available directly for the facelift and will take a few more months to come.

But when it storms onto the market, it promises impressive performance and one or two superlatives. Just like other CS models from Garching, the BMW M5 CS is based on the already extremely high-performance competition model, which it is supposed to outperform in all relevant disciplines. To achieve this, the developers are not only turning all the screws, but apparently also doing many laps of the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

BMW M: Erlkonig video shows M5 CS on the ring

Even under tons of camouflage, it is impossible to hide the driving fun potential of the new BMW M4 2021. As we have officially known since our interview with M chief developer Dirk Hacker, the sports coupe, known internally as the G82, will initially come onto the market with classic rear-wheel drive, promising pure driving pleasure combined with high driving demands. In view of the 480 hp in the basic model and even 510 hp in the new BMW M4 Competition, it is obvious that even experienced drivers have enough power to control power oversteer at all times. A current Erlkonig video from Automotive Mike shows what this can look like, showing a prototype on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

As we were already able to experience at the Sachsenring, the level of driving dynamics is again noticeably higher than that of the predecessor, which was hardly to be expected in this vehemence. The developers were able to take the biggest step in the front end of the car, which with its enormous rigidity provides the basis for an even more powerful front axle. So it was possible to teach the BMW M4 2021 an even better steering behavior and an even more steadfast refusal to understeer — what the predecessor already mastered with flying colors is raised to a new level in the G82.

BMW M4 2021: Drift potential clearly visible in the Erlkonig video

In order for the BMW M4 GT3 2022 to be competitive right from the start, the Schnitzer Motorsport team will take over a large part of the development and test work over the next month. The experienced team under the leadership of Herbert Schnitzer jr. undertake the first test drives on the racetrack and thus lay the foundation for the hot phase of development in the 2021 season.

Parallel to the development of the new BMW M4 GT3, Schnitzer Motorsport will be on the road with the M6 ​​GT3 on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The current GT3 racing car will be used in the new Nurburgring endurance series NLS (from March 21) — previously known as VLN — and will also be used by Schnitzer in the 24-hour race on the Nurburgring Nordschleife (May 23/24, 2020 ) used.

BMW M4 GT3 2022: Schnitzer secures development contract

With the BMW M2 GTS and M2 CS, two performance offshoots of the M2 F87 are in the starting blocks. We clarify what distinguishes the two compact athletes.

The rumors about a BMW M2 GTS are almost as old as the M2 itself and the BMW M2 CS has also been mentioned regularly in recent months. With regard to the market launch, it has been clear for some time: the M2 CS will start in 2018, the even sharper M2 GTS will follow a few months later and finally crown the compact sports car series. A possible market launch for the top model is summer 2019, but official confirmation is still pending.

As we reported a few months ago, the BMW M2 CS will be the first production M2 to have the S55 biturbo in-line six-cylinder. While the engine known from M3 and M4 is to be throttled slightly in the case of the M2 CS and will not send more than 400 hp to the rear wheels, a different expansion stage is used in the BMW M2 GTS Coupe. It is likely to be the 450 PS variant, which was previously only available in combination with the Competition Package for M3 and M4.

When the new BMW M5 F90 hits the market in spring 2018, many drivers of the previous BMW M5 F10 will be asking themselves: Is it worth the change for me? As always, the answer to this question depends heavily on personal preferences and circumstances; after all, a car does not get worse just because its successor is launched on the market. But those who are used to always driving the top model and thus the crowning glory of a series are usually not satisfied with the second best solution for long.

Our picture comparison shows the BMW M5 F10 — deliberately without a facelift, after all, the BMW M5 F90 also competes without a facelift — and its successor side by side from comparable perspectives. This makes the differences in design particularly visible. The angular and therefore more aggressive air inlets of the front apron catch the eye at first glance, and of course the solution adopted from the 5-series G30 with headlights that reach right up to the kidneys ensures a completely new look.

Image comparison: New BMW M5 F90 meets predecessor M5 F10

This coming weekend, the BMW 3 Series Touring F31 will celebrate its premiere at German dealerships together with the BMW 1 Series three-door F21, now there is also the right TV advertising for the launch of the most important series for the German market — the practical station wagon version of the 3 Series Even in its fifth generation, the series is likely to be the best-selling model on BMW’s home market.

You can see details and long shots of the exterior and interior of the mid-range station wagon, which offers the largest luggage compartment in its competitive environment with a load volume of 1,500 liters in the rear seat. Practical details such as the standard electrically opening and closing tailgate, the rear window that can be opened separately, the numerous options for separating the luggage compartment and the three-part foldable rear bench in a 40: 20: 40 ratio make the 3 Series Touring not only a dynamic combination among station wagons, but also also a pleasant companion in everyday life.

TV advertisement for the BMW 3 Series Touring F31: There's a lot to discover

A new BMW M3 always means excitement in the BMW scene: How sporty is the new one? Is it really better than its predecessor? And especially: …

A new BMW M3 always means excitement in the BMW scene: How sporty is the new one? Is it really better than its predecessor? And above all: what kind of engine works under the hood? The upcoming BMW M3 F80 based on the 3 Series sedan F30 is no exception and speculation has shot in all directions in recent months, especially when looking under the bonnet.

Again and again there was talk of a V6 engine, which, thanks to its shorter design, would make it easier to achieve a balanced weight distribution. According to our information, however, a decision has now been made at M GmbH in Garching, which many BMW friends are likely to note with relief: The six cylinders of the upcoming M3 F80 are forced ventilation with turbochargers, but are arranged in a row, as is typical for BMW.

Up to 70 vehicles are looked after at the same time in the BMW M Test Center Nurburgring — after all, every BMW Group car goes through the endurance test on the Nurburgring Nordschleife before its market launch and has to prove that the chassis does not show any nakedness even on the toughest race track in the world.

This requirement profile applies in particular to new models from BMW M GmbH, because of course none of these vehicles should perform poorly in comparison with its predecessor or a direct competitor. Although the BMW M2 Coupe F87 will formally be the first M2, it has an equally well-known and successful predecessor: the BMW 1 Series M Coupe was considered the most entertaining and dynamic vehicle in the compact class in its time — and is still considered by many today.

Erlkonig video: BMW M2 Coupe F87 in a double pack on the ring

With the exclusive First Edition for the BMW X5 M F95 and BMW X6 M F96, the two power SUVs are included in the exclusive club of individual special models with matt paintwork. In total, the First Edition is limited to 500 vehicles worldwide, with 250 X5 M and X6 M each to be built. The most important eye-catcher is undoubtedly the matt individual paintwork: the BMW X5 M First Edition comes in the color Frozen Marina Bay Blue, previously known primarily from the M8 Coupe F92, while the X6 M First Edition shimmers in matt Frozen Dark Silver.

The basis of the special edition is always the 625 hp competition model, which is why the matt paintwork always meets design elements in high-gloss black. The light alloy wheels in star-spoke design are a dark and exclusive addition to the look, as these are only available in jet black for the 500 units of the First Edition. 21 inches at the front and even 22 inches at the rear fill even the huge wheel arches of the two luxury SUVs. Exterior mirror caps and rear spoiler lip shine in clear carbon, and the M carbon engine cover, which is only visible when the bonnet is open, is also part of the scope of the First Edition.

First Edition: BMW X5 M / X6 M in Frozen Silver & Frozen Blue