Dahler bmw 5 series touring g31: tuning for the business station wagon

As soon as the new BMW 5 Series Touring G31 has really hit the car market, the first tuners are already presenting impressive refinement packages to make the Munich business station wagon a little more individual, sportier and of course faster right on time for the launch. The “Dahler Competition Line” is not limited to tuning measures that are easy to implement, such as wider aprons or new rims. Rather, a large part of the conversion activities of the Swiss luxury class optimizer takes place under the bonnet and is therefore associated with a little more effort.

Two different Dahler performance enhancements are available for the BMW 540i Touring, which is not exactly underpowered ex works, with and without xDrive. In level one, the standard 340 hp six-cylinder turbo mobilizes a whopping 380 hp and 560 Nm of torque, while level two increases the performance of the sports engine to around 400 hp and 580 Nm. Both PS syringes are homologated according to the Euro 6c standard. Further engine optimizations for the four diesel versions and the mighty M550i with V8 biturbo are already in preparation, according to the tuner.

Dahler BMW 5 Series Touring G31: Tuning for the business station wagon

As the pictures already suggest, Dahler has also developed a decent sports exhaust system for the BMW 5 Series Touring G31. The light stainless steel system is available with two or four M-style tailpipes, depending on the understatement requirement. The active sound design, which is also still in development and is intended to optimize the vehicle sound via its own interface control unit, also sounds interesting.

Of course, Dahler Performance has also thought of the classic optical measures. In-house developed 20- or 21-inch rims can be found in the price list as well as aerodynamic components that have not yet been specified, but are partly built into the photo vehicle. The developers emphasize that the suspension comfort should not suffer with the new Dahler chassis components in a sporty, taut design.

In the interior, the visit to the refiner can be recognized by small details such as the speedometer scaling up to 330 km / h or revised ambient lighting. In traditional Swiss secrecy, the tuners from the vicinity of Bern do not provide information on prices and installation costs.

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