Dakar 2013: peterhansel 45 minutes ahead of last day

On the penultimate day of the Dakar Rally 2013, MINI driver Stephane Peterhansel was able to avoid all major problems. The Frenchman is therefore still on course for his eleventh overall victory in a Dakar Rally and almost only has to cross the finish line on the last stage. However, the man who has been competing in the Dakar since 1988 also knows that he has not yet crossed the finish line — Peterhansel has already lost a Dakar victory twice on the last stage.

On the penultimate stage, Peterhansel had his team-mate Nani Roma at his side, because the Spaniard drove the entire stage behind the Frenchman in order to be able to provide help if the worst came to the worst. Neither of them had a chance of winning the day and crossed the finish line in ninth and eleven, but this tactic is more than understandable when looking at the overall standings. The best X-Raid vehicle was the BMW X3 CC with Orlando Terranova at the wheel, who finished in third place.

Dakar 2013: Peterhansel 45 minutes ahead of last day

In the motorcycles category, Paulo Goncalves secured the Husqvarna Rally Team by Speedbrain the eleventh place on the podium at this year’s Dakar, with Joan Barreda finishing fifth. In the overall standings, Goncalves is the best Husqvarna driver in tenth place.

Stephane Peterhansel: “We went for safety and therefore lost a few minutes. But that’s okay."

Nani Roma: “It’s part of the game and when you compete in the Dakar with a team, you know that such situations can arise. Of course it’s not nice for me, but it’s important that Stephane wins tomorrow. "

Orlando Terranova: “Today’s test was actually very nice. But the second part was very bumpy and rocky — here the buggies with their larger suspension travel clearly had advantages. But I am satisfied with our performance. "

Sven Quandt (Team Principal): “I know that on the one hand it was natural for Nani, but it wasn’t easy either to let himself fall behind. But we had to think about the overall win today. "

Overall rating after 13 of 14 stages (top 5): 01. Peterhansel / Cottret (Mini) — 36:44:. De Villiers / von Zitzewitz (Toyota) +44: 38 minutes03. Nowitski / Zhiltsow (Mini) +1: 29: 31 hours04. Roma / Perin (Mini) +1: 40: 2605. Terranova / Fiuza (BMW) +1: 52: 40

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