Detroit 2017: bmw m760li xdrive with new lettering

The official name of the V12 version of the new 7-series is BMW M760Li xDrive, but the rear of the vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show 2017 has a different lettering: M760i can be read here in large letters, on the L for the actually integrated in the name The long version is generously dispensed with — after all, the almost M7 is only available with a long wheelbase anyway. You can take a closer look at the xDrive lettering on the left side of the trunk lid, although the all-wheel drive is also standard on board.

However, the new M760i logo on the rear is interesting because the most expensive and most powerful 7 Series always bore its full name, both at its world premiere in Geneva and at later public appearances. According to our information, one thing is certain: A BMW M760i without a long wheelbase is not planned because the vast majority of V12 customers want to enjoy maximum luxury and thus the full space of the long version anyway.

Detroit 2017: BMW M760Li xDrive with new lettering

The BMW M760Li xDrive by no means bears the M in its name, because the BMW M Performance variant of the BMW 7 Series G11 / G12 offers more than worthy driving performance: Despite an unladen weight of over 2.2 tonnes, the luxury liner can, if required, be in 3, Catapult 7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and make some sports cars look rather old. It is obvious that the 610 hp and the torque of 800 Newton meters already available from 1,550 revolutions will offer enormous sovereignty even at higher speeds.

How far the BMW M760Li xDrive is from the “ordinary 7 Series” is shown by a look at the G11 / G12 price list: With a base price of 166,300 euros, the twelve-cylinder sedan is so expensive that you can easily replace it with two 730d or buy a 730d and an M4 convertible for the weekend. Most customers shouldn’t care about such considerations, after all, after all, the majority of V12 customers already have several attractive vehicles in their garage.

Update: We learned the official background to the M760i lettering for the BMW M760Li in Detroit. Because the BMW 7 Series G11 / G12 is only available in the G12 long version on the US market, the L for the long version, which is common in the rest of the world, is dispensed with on all lettering. This also applies to the V12-7, which is officially becoming the BMW M760i xDrive.

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