Erlkonig video: bmw m2 coupe f87 in a double pack on the ring

Up to 70 vehicles are looked after at the same time in the BMW M Test Center Nurburgring — after all, every BMW Group car goes through the endurance test on the Nurburgring Nordschleife before its market launch and has to prove that the chassis does not show any nakedness even on the toughest race track in the world.

This requirement profile applies in particular to new models from BMW M GmbH, because of course none of these vehicles should perform poorly in comparison with its predecessor or a direct competitor. Although the BMW M2 Coupe F87 will formally be the first M2, it has an equally well-known and successful predecessor: the BMW 1 Series M Coupe was considered the most entertaining and dynamic vehicle in the compact class in its time — and is still considered by many today.

Erlkonig video: BMW M2 Coupe F87 in a double pack on the ring

When the new BMW M2 2016 comes on the market, there are correspondingly large footsteps to be filled. The extensive development work on the Nurburgring Nordschleife is therefore an absolute must: a car that can be driven quickly and safely to the limit here is fast practically everywhere.

The youngest Erlkonig video now shows two copies of the BMW M2 F87 during test drives in the Green Hell, despite the camouflage, the large openings in the front apron, the widely flared wheel arches and the four tailpipes at the rear are clearly visible. In addition, the video provides a small sample of the sound of the straight six-cylinder engine under the hood.

According to our latest information, the engine will send 370 hp to the rear wheels and thus surpass the 367 hp Audi RS 3 Sportback by a hair’s breadth; the lead over the Ingolstadt-based MQB derivative in terms of driving pleasure should be significantly greater.

Under the broad cheeks of the BMW M2 F87 The chassis technology of the current M3 and M4, which has largely been adopted unchanged, is incorporated, plus the weight distribution of 50 to 50 between the two axles, which is unique in its class. The expected driving behavior of the rear-wheel drive vehicle, which is of course also ideally suited for drifting in a knowledgeable hand, is already providing a lot of reason to look forward to it.

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