First spyshots of the «engine compartment» of the bmw activee (e82 lci)

As a kind of antithesis to the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, a particularly economical version of the BMW 1 Series Coupe will come onto the market in the coming year. The local CO2 emissions will be exactly 0 grams per kilometer, but as with all electric vehicles, this figure is of course only half the story, because the energy stored in the batteries has to be generated somehow, which is usually not CO2-neutral.

In contrast to the MINI E, the ActiveE should offer a usable trunk and space for four people, which will make it an electric vehicle that is much more suitable for everyday use. In addition, as with the MINI E, information is to be collected about the use of e-mobility in everyday life, which is why over 600 vehicles are to be leased to customers worldwide for several months. The experience will then be used in the coordination of the Megacity Vehicle, which will be available from dealers from 2013.

First spyshots of the "engine compartment" of the BMW ActiveE (E82 LCI)

For a few days now, has had a series of spyshots showing a test vehicle from the ActiveE fleet on a tow truck. It is interesting that the “bonnet” has been dismantled and we can therefore take a look into the “engine compartment”. Technically, these terms are of course nonsense, because the ActiveE’s electric motor is housed in the rear of the vehicle and, according to the previous technical sketches, the space in the former engine compartment is only populated by batteries, but this way you simply know better what is meant.

First spyshots of the "engine compartment" of the BMW ActiveE (E82 LCI)

The extensive changes compared to models with a combustion engine are striking. It is also interesting that the technology installed in the prototype shown would not allow the normal bonnet to be closed, which is why a modified bonnet will be used.

This will have a shape near the windshield that creates space for the components that can be seen on the spyshots. Unfortunately, we cannot say with certainty which components we are actually seeing here and therefore do not want to venture on the ice. As soon as there is news about the BMW ActiveE, we will of course report on it.

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