Geneva 2018: live photos bmw alpina xd3 g01 with 388 hp

The world premiere of the new BMW Alpina XD3 is the big highlight at the Buchloer booth at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. As in the previous generation, the power SUV based on the BMW X3 G01 uses a powerful six-cylinder in-line diesel, but it is still great in every respect a couple of coals. This not only applies to horsepower and Newton meters, but also to the number of turbochargers: While the previous XD3 entered the race with two turbochargers, the new generation comes with twice the number — quad-turbo charging is now also available from Alpina!

The six-cylinder in-line engine, which is pressurized four times, puts 388 hp and a torque of 770 Newton meters on the crankshaft, from there it goes to the transfer case of the all-wheel drive xDrive via eight-speed automatic from ZF. The Alpina XD3 G01 relies on the technology of the BMW X3, but this has been modified in essential points for more sportiness. The eight-speed automatic system receives Alpina-specific software coordination and additional hardware in the form of the Switch-Tronic buttons for manual gear changes on the back of the steering wheel.

Geneva 2018: Live photos BMW Alpina XD3 G hp

The BMW Alpina XD3, which weighs just over two tons, masters the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds and has a top speed of 266 km / h. The diesel from Buchloe thus trumps all previously officially announced X3 variants including the M40i, and the X3 M40d will also be a tenth of a second slower.

Our live photos from the Geneva Motor Show 2018 show the world premiere from Buchloe in classic Alpina blue, of course we also see the typical rims in Alpina Classic design. The prominent double kidneys shine in chrome, the front apron has been supplemented by an aerodynamically effective attachment with Alpina lettering and at the rear the four chrome-plated tailpipes of the sports exhaust system indicate the vehicle’s willingness to perform. It is no surprise that the BMW Alpina XD3 in Geneva has the decorative stickers on the front and side, which makes it even more clearly recognizable as a member of the exclusive Alpina family.

Alpina will take orders for the most powerful diesel engine in a BMW X3 G01 from the 2nd quarter of 2018, but according to the current status, the first deliveries will not be made until the beginning of 2019. Alpina has not yet commented on the price of the powerful diesel.

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