Image comparison: new bmw 5 series 2020 (g30 lci) meets pre-facelift

Even if the quality of the first photos of the BMW 5 Series Facelift 2020 is not razor sharp, we have already decided on the first image comparison with the previous 5 Series G30. The sedan can be seen with the M Sport package, which makes the differences in design particularly visible. Even if the newly designed kidneys, which will in future be connected by a common center bar, and the flatter headlights with the new daytime running light design catch the eye at first glance, there are still a few other changes.

Despite the similar basic layout, the design language of the M front apron has evidently been further developed, with the sharp, continuous edge from the headlights to the lower edge being particularly striking. In a direct comparison, the new kidney struts, which have a kink in the upper area as in some other series and are designed even more three-dimensionally, are also striking. If you prefer to wear black instead of shiny chrome, the Shadow Line with expanded features should be the right option.

Image comparison: New BMW  (G30 LCI) meets pre-facelift

At the rear, too, it is the taillights that initially attract everyone’s attention: while the external shape remains unchanged, the interior and glass covers have evidently been changed in such a way that the image is not only significantly different at night. On closer inspection, the M rear apron also looks slightly modified, especially in the area of ​​the additional outer reflectors, the transition from surfaces painted in the vehicle color to the dark, contrasting diffuser now seems to be less pronounced:

Image comparison: New BMW  (G30 LCI) meets pre-facelift

The light alloy wheels, which will most likely be reserved for models with the M Sport package, are also new in the 5 series. The other BMW 5 Series G30 LCI could also get one or the other new rim option.

We expect the changes in the interior to be even more subtle than on the exterior. Since the BMW 5 Series was updated to the current iDrive infotainment system some time ago, only minor changes are to be expected for the 2020 facelift, both visually and technically.

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