More options: the bmw m5 f10 comes with two m drive buttons on the steering wheel

The “M button” on the steering wheel of the BMW M5 E60 is one of the most important buttons on their vehicle for many owners, because all parameters can be set as desired with a single push of a button. Many customers have stored a setup here that enables maximum sportiness, while in everyday life it is not uncommon for more comfortable settings to be used.

The spread between the respective variants will be even greater in the new BMW M5 F10, which is why there are now two M Drive buttons on the steering wheel. When the engine is started, the adaptive chassis and the servotronic are in “Comfort” mode, the transmission in the comfortable automatic level D1 and the engine itself in the “Efficient” mode, which is trimmed for economy. While this preselection is quite suitable for everyday driving, there are better solutions from a sporting point of view.

More options: The BMW M5 F10 comes with two M Drive buttons on the steering wheel

In addition to the Comfort mode, there are also the Sport and Sport Plus modes for the adaptive chassis, which ensure more sporty hardness and, in turn, less suspension comfort. With the settings for the M-specifically configured Servotronic steering assistance, there are also the Sport and Sport Plus modes, which are associated with more intensive feedback to the driver and require higher steering forces.

The seven-stage dual-clutch transmission can be adjusted to current needs in three automatic modes (D1, D2 and D3), plus there are manual modes S1, S2 and S3. As the index increases, the hardness and speed of the gear changes increase; in the case of the automatic modes D1 to D3, the gear changes only take place at higher speeds. In the manual modes S1, S2 and S3, the driver can initiate gear changes using the paddles on the steering wheel. Launch Control is only available in S3 mode, even if the gear changes are triggered automatically at the ideal time.

On the two M Drive buttons M1 on the left steering wheel spoke & M2, the displays in the standard Head Up Display and the Dynamic Stability Control DSC can also be configured. In addition to the normally activated DSC mode, there is the M Dynamic Mode MDM, which, thanks to slightly higher control thresholds, allows a particularly dynamic driving style. As usual, DSC can also be completely deactivated if, for example, the driver wants to explore the limit on a racetrack without electronic intervention.

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