New bmw m1: super sports car designs for the 100th birthday

BMW is driving its 100th in 2016. Whether this also includes a genuine super sports car and thus a legitimate successor to the BMW M1, however, has to be more and more doubted, recently only denials in this direction were heard in the interviews with the responsible board members.

Nevertheless, the South African designer Giom Mouton worked intensively on the idea of ​​a new BMW M1 and created some Photoshop renderings that show us a possible super sports car from Munich. Giom Image Art incorporated classic elements of the original M1 as well as the C-pillar design called Stream Flow and other aerodynamic solutions from the BMW i8:

New BMW M1: super sports car designs for the 100th birthday

Just as with the BMW M, a longitudinally mounted in-line six-cylinder should also provide propulsion in the rear of the new design from South Africa; the 500 hp S55 with water injection, known from the BMW M4 GTS, would be a conceivable solution.

In combination with low weight thanks to intensive carbon lightweight construction, active aerodynamics and the entire chassis know-how of BMW M GmbH, these key data could certainly be used to create a vehicle that could compete in the current super sports car league.

However, this is exactly where the problem for the decision-makers in Munich arises, because the range of super athletes has never been as diverse as it is today. Regardless of whether from direct competitors such as Audi and Mercedes or from more or less exotic sports car specialists from Italy, England or Germany, the relatively small target group is spoiled for choice and can choose between numerous convincing offers.

However, it is hardly possible to set yourself apart from the competition in this environment — a conventional super sports car threatens to go under in the public perception as one of many cars, although the costs of developing a corresponding performance cracker are immense.

Against this background, it must unfortunately be doubted that BMW will really present a super sports car in the coming year. A sportier i8 version in the form of the BMW i8 S as well as new top versions of other well-known models, for example a particularly economical sedan as a figurehead for EfficientDynamics or the new BMW 760Li with V12 engine and maximum luxury, are more likely.

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