New design for the front of bmw 5 series f10 & f11

On the cover of tomorrow’s AutoBild there is once again a design by Georg Huckfeldt, which uses the example of the BMW 5 Series Touring F11 to illustrate what the joint front of the Touring and sedan will look like.

In doing so, it has apparently come quite close to reality, because as EnI from GermanCarZone confirms, the draft almost completely matches the final design. Particularly noticeable are some design elements that we already know from other BMWs of the recent past.

New design for the front of BMW 5 Series F10 & F11

The headlights are reminiscent of the design of the BMW 3 Series E90 / E91 LCI. Compared to the current BMW 5 Series, the headlights appear much more conventional and ordinary, but do not lack the typical sportiness and aggressiveness.

We know the two character lines emanating from the BMW logo in a similar form from the BMW Z4 E89 and BMW 3 Series Facelift. Its existence can be considered certain since the pictures of the front apron were published, because the beginnings can already be seen on this.

The kidneys are flat and relatively wide and thus differ significantly from those on the BMW 5 Series GT F07. The kidney design is confirmed by the latest FEP spyshots and is somewhat reminiscent of the BMW Z4, in which the kidneys look very sporty and aggressive despite their size.

As announced by AutoBild, the BMW 5 Series Touring F11 will be available next year. While the sedan F10 is expected to celebrate its premiere in May, we assume that the Touring will be presented in autumn.

As with the sedan, the exterior dimensions of the Touring will hardly change compared to the current generation, but the wheelbase will grow. The driving dynamics in particular benefit from this, but the appearance is also more pleasing due to the shorter overhangs.

In the interior, we expect a design that is based on the BMW 7 Series F01. However, the dashboard in the 5 Series will be more driver-oriented and thus convey a little more sportiness.

With regard to the optional extras that can be ordered, the complete range will also be available in the BMW 5 Series, so all the nice gimmicks from the BMW 7 Series are also offered here. Overall, the F10 and F11 are likely to concentrate a little more on driving dynamics than before, because the BMW 5 Series GT is now a variant of the 5 Series that is explicitly designed for comfort and luxury.

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