Nurburgring accident: mysterious bmw prototype again in focus

Just a few days ago, a mysterious BMW M8 prototype made headlines around the world due to some mid-engine evidence, now the same prototype is in focus again — because it will soon no longer be seen on the ring. Current photos from show how the Erlkonig is stuck under a tarpaulin and being prepared for removal on a tow truck. The photos were apparently preceded by an accident in which the prototype touched both the left and right guardrails in the Plantgarten area and suffered some damage in the process.

Not only are dented fenders and a damaged front visible, the front left wheel suspension also appears to be broken. The test driver was apparently uninjured in the accident and the damage is also repairable, but nobody should be particularly happy about the incident: It is obvious that planned tests will be delayed due to the repair break. What is even more annoying, however, is that photos of the accident have ended up on the Internet and are now attracting even more interest to the test vehicle.

Nurburgring accident: mysterious BMW prototype again in focus

It remains unclear what exactly BMW is testing with the unusual prototype and whether an unexpected failure of this technology may have contributed to the accident. What is certain, however, is that calls to M GmbH will not provide any answers about the content of secret test drives — if BMW wants to try something exciting here and not talk about it yet, you will hardly overturn this strategy because of a call from Stuttgart and suddenly speak plain language.

What the additional ventilation openings behind the B-pillar are all about and which components are actually being tested here could remain under lock and key a little longer after the accident than originally planned. The testing should have nothing to do with the BMW M8 CS, which is expected to generate 650 hp, because all previous CS models have placed great emphasis on maintaining a certain suitability for everyday use, despite their more consistent motorsport design. Additional ventilation openings in the rear side windows certainly do not fit this approach — especially not in the luxury segment of a BMW 8 Series Coupe.

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