October 2019: bmw 3 series and x models shape internal ranking

In October 2019, an old friend was at the top of the internal ranking of BMW Germany’s sales figures: the BMW 3 Series, which has recently also been available as a Touring, has returned to the top of the internal registration statistics after a long break and shows that the internally named G20 Generation of the middle class series is also positively received by customers. Sales of over 4,400 vehicles put the BMW in the sun by a large margin and indicate what level the new 3 Series can achieve in its first full year of sales.

In second place in the internal ranking is the BMW 5 Series G30, which will be given a facelift next year and has enjoyed great popularity since its market launch. The BMW X1, which has apparently received a fresh impetus through its facelift, is just behind. The new BMW 1 Series F40, on the other hand, has to be placed behind the 2 Series and it remains to be seen how the sales figures in the compact class will develop over the next few months.

October 2019: BMW 3 Series and X models shape internal ranking

If you look at the figures for the first ten months of the year, the BMW 3 Series is also at the top, although the 2019 series had to undergo double model changes from sedan and touring. With 33,030 units, the 3 Series is in a strong position for the end of the year and should not give up its place at the top under normal circumstances. Immediately behind the BMW 3 Series is the X1, which scores with consistently strong months and did not allow itself any weak phase shortly before the facelift.

If you take a closer look at sales in Germany as of October 2019 and compare them with the previous year, the ongoing trend towards SUVs is also unmistakable: In the first ten months of 2018, the X models stood for around 61,500 units and thus had a share of 28 , 5% of BMW sales, a year later there are almost 22,000 more units and the share in BMW sales has also increased to 36.7%. As the numbers suggest, this success is in no way based solely on the new X7: With the exception of the X6, sales of all X models have increased significantly.

There is also significant growth in the BMW i3, which with 8,206 units almost doubles the value of the previous year. Of the classic core series, however, it is only the 3 and 7 series that are above the previous year’s period. The new models of the 8 series and the Z4 Roadster, which were not yet sold in the previous year, also contribute to the overall growth.

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