In October 2019, an old friend was at the top of the internal ranking of BMW Germany’s sales figures: the BMW 3 Series, which has recently also been available as a Touring, has returned to the top of the internal registration statistics after a long break and shows that the internally named G20 Generation of the middle class series is also positively received by customers. Sales of over 4,400 vehicles put the BMW in the sun by a large margin and indicate what level the new 3 Series can achieve in its first full year of sales.

In second place in the internal ranking is the BMW 5 Series G30, which will be given a facelift next year and has enjoyed great popularity since its market launch. The BMW X1, which has apparently received a fresh impetus through its facelift, is just behind. The new BMW 1 Series F40, on the other hand, has to be placed behind the 2 Series and it remains to be seen how the sales figures in the compact class will develop over the next few months.

October 2019: BMW 3 Series and X models shape internal ranking

Some new live photos from the premiere in Munich show that the new BMW 4 Series G22 can shine even without the M Sport package. The mid-range coupe with the much-discussed kidney grille can be seen in Bluestone Metallic, a bluish-tinged silver that debuted a few years ago with the current 5 Series G30. While most model series offer a choice between different design lines and packages, the range of options for the BMW 4-series G22 is very limited: the 4-series is only available with the standard equipment shown here or with the M Sport package, a Luxury Line or other alternatives are deliberately not offered.

The BMW 4 Series G22 is by no means lacking in sportiness and presence, even without the optional M-Look, which is subject to a surcharge: for the first time in decades, the kidney grille occupies practically the full height of the front. This eye-catching detail is combined with a classic coupe line that ends in an elegant rear section with very flat tail lights. While the side view and rear are definitely an evolution of the first 4 Series Coupe F32, the front design is undoubtedly a revolution — not just for the 4 Series, but for the entire BMW model range. Because even if the tendency towards large kidneys was already evident with the 7th Facelift and X7, it is only now finding its way from the luxury to the middle class and will accordingly be seen more often on the streets.

BMW 4 Series G22: Live photos in Bluestone without the M Sport package

Even if there is still no official statement from Munich or Garching, the preparation of the BMW M6 Competition and BMW M5 Competition Package is apparently in full swing. Worldcarfans reader Nicolas Navarro recently caught an M6 prototype which is most likely a tester for the optional competition package.

Particularly noticeable are the rims with the camouflaged BMW logo, behind them the BMW M carbon-ceramic brake system is apparently used — which according to the current status, just like the M Driver’s Package (Vmax increase to 305 km / h) is standard. The scope of the package and will drive the price into the five-digit range.

BMW M6 Competition 2013: Erlkonig shows performance F hp

Even if it often just shakes the head in Europe, pickup trucks are among the best-selling cars in many countries. Not only do the USA and North America play a role, the practical all-rounders are also an integral part of the streetscape in many regions of Latin and South America as well as in Asia and Australia. The BMW Group has so far left this attractive field to other manufacturers without a fight, but this reluctance could one day be a thing of the past.

BMW Australia boss Marc Werner told the Australian magazine tellingly that one should never say never in connection with a premium pickup from BMW. The market is being carefully observed by those responsible, but the conditions for a quick entry are better with the premium competitors: Mercedes is established as a supplier of commercial vehicles and trucks and can fall back on technology from cooperation partner Renault-Nissan for the already announced pickup, Audi could use the VW Touareg as a basis.

BMW pickup truck: "Never say never" instead of a clear no

The BMW joint venture with the Chinese manufacturer Brilliance will soon bear further fruits, because in the new Tiexi plant in the Shenyang region, in addition to the BMW 5 Series sedan — also in the long version with the internal designation F18 available exclusively for the Chinese market — the BMW X1 E84 to be built. While the X1 has only rolled off the assembly line at the Leipzig plant so far, the aim is apparently to meet the demand on the Asian markets with local production.

The expansion of production capacities in China is also taking place in view of the continued rapid growth of the local market. The investment volume of the new plant in Tiexi is around 560 million euros, of which the two partners BMW and Brilliance will each take over half. Construction is scheduled to start in June 2010, and production is scheduled to start in 2012. As you can see in our short animation video, the work with its open structure is reminiscent of the ultra-modern factory in Leipzig.

BMW plans to produce the BMW X1 in the new Shenyang / Tiexi plant

Just in time for the start of the 2013 DTM season, BMW Motorsport presented the design of all eight vehicles for the title defense company to 13,000 spectators and the eight drivers at the BMW Welt in Munich. Just like ordinary BMW customers, the drivers were able to receive their new company car on the BMW Welt delivery platform.

After the presentation of the Ice Watch BMW M3 DTM by Marco Wittmann and the change from Timo Glock to the yellow Post-M3, only the design of the vehicles by Dirk Werner and Joey Hand was unclear. Werner apparently takes over the Samsung M3 that was driven by hand last year, the American competes in 2013 for the RBM team in the Exide M3.

BMW Motorsport: Presentation of all M3 DTMs in the BMW Welt in Munich