Rolls royce is planning further variants based on the ghost

In recent years, all brands in the BMW Group have seen their model range expanded. While new models such as the X1 or the 5 Series GT have generated additional sales at BMW, the recently introduced Countryman and future models such as the Roadster and Coupe are also attracting more people than before.

Rolls Royce is no exception and has significantly increased its sales since the introduction of the new basic Ghost series. In 2010, over 2,000 units of the British luxury brand are expected to find a buyer, and more vehicles have already been sold in 2010 than in any other year since BMW took over the business. It is obvious that Rolls Royce would like to continue to grow and to this end, an expansion of the Ghost series appears to be a logical step.

Rolls Royce is planning further variants based on the Ghost

Even before the introduction of the Ghost, rumors were circulating that a convertible and a coupe version of the entry-level model should follow. Rolls Royce CEO Torsten Muller-otvos has now confirmed to that he can also imagine other models based on the Ghost.

It is clear that the new variants will also target competitors such as the Bentley Continental GT, but on the other hand the luxury brand would like to remain above the VW subsidiary in terms of image. So the aim is not to make the brand so widely accessible that you can see one Rolls Royce next to the other in some districts; instead, exclusivity should remain one of the most important sales arguments.

The Bespoke individual program will also contribute to this in the future, with the help of which almost all customer requests can be realized. As Muller-otvos suggests, almost every customer orders some special detail that makes their Rolls Royce unmistakable.

12 Ghost and 3 Phantom variants are currently being built per day in Goodwood in the UK and this ratio makes it clear that the Ghost is currently the brand’s workhorse. The even more exclusive Phantom is already available as a Coupe and Drophead Coupe, but at the moment the more modern Ghost seems to be more popular.

The question remains when Rolls Royce will provide us with the first sketches or even photos of the new variants and at which trade fair the vehicles will be shown for the first time. We don’t believe in a surprise in Paris at the moment, but in the coming months there will still be plenty of opportunities for smaller and larger surprises.

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