Rolls-royce: new sales record in 2013, market leader over 200,000 euros

Before the BMW Group reveals its sales figures for 2013 in the next few days, the luxury brand Rolls-Royce basks in a new sales record: 2013 was not an easy year for the highly exclusive brand from Goodwood, because they were after the first quarter Sales figures a clear 16.6 percent below the previous year’s period.

With a strong step on the accelerator, however, Rolls-Royce was able to turn things around and continuously reduce the gap: after 6 months the decline had shrunk to 7.8 percent, after 9 months, at -1.1 percent, you were almost on par with the Period of the previous year. The overtaking process was finally completed in the fourth quarter, as 3,630 units were sold more than ever before in the company’s history.

Rolls-Royce: New sales record in 2013, market leader over 200,000 euros

In absolute numbers, this value only corresponds to an increase of 55 units, but one should also keep an eye on the high level of recent years: 2013 was the fourth record year in a row after 2012, 20. The new Rolls-Royce Wraith, of which the first examples were delivered at the end of 2013, should bring new momentum to the sales figures in 2014.

Rolls-Royce also prides itself on being the market leader in the absolute luxury segment for vehicles with a net price of over 200,000 euros — the reference to the price is important, because if you look at the pure sales figures, Bentley would clearly outshine the BMW subsidiary : The vehicles from Crewe, which are also extremely high-quality, found exactly 10,120 customers in 2013, which is also a new record. However, a certain degree of downward opening of the brand is partly responsible, to which new entry-level models with V8 engines contribute in particular.

Torsten Muller-otvos (CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars): “It was my wish at the beginning of last year to continue the company’s sustainable growth. So I’m delighted to announce the fourth record year in a row — a result that further strengthens our leadership in the super-luxury segment. Rolls-Royce is an extraordinary British success story based on a commitment to producing only the very finest luxury goods. I am particularly satisfied with the fact that I can present the result on the basis of balanced global sales, with sustained success in emerging countries paving the way for sustainable growth in the future. "

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