Spofec black one: rolls-royce ghost with 709 hp on 22 inches

The one introduced around a year ago Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II now has the way to SPOFEC found. The Novitec offshoot from Stetten had already presented a tuning program for the Rolls-Royce Wraith some time ago and is now showing what the spirit of ecstasy — from the first letters of the legendary hood ornament results in the name Spofec — from the refreshed Ghost got out.

In the photos that have now been published, we see the Rolls-Royce Ghost almost completely black, only the rims add a colored accent and stand out from the darkness. A matt black coating for actually chrome-plated elements such as the radiator grille bring to light the dark side of the luxury sedan, which is already around 5.40 meters long in its short version.

Spofec Black One: Rolls-Royce Ghost with 709 hp on 22 inches

The front apron, side skirts and rear apron have also been redesigned at Spofec for a more brutal look and improved aerodynamics. The carbon components provide additional contact pressure on the front axle, at the rear the sports exhaust system is perfectly integrated into the design of the Ghost, which is optionally decorated with an additional spoiler lip. The Spofec Black One leaves a majestic, sporty impression and stands out even more clearly from the automotive crowd.

The 22-inch alloy wheels come with a matt gold coating and also fill the wheel arches so well because Spofec has lowered the Rolls-Royce Ghost around 40 millimeters closer to the asphalt. The lowering is implemented with the help of a chassis module that has been integrated into the control of the air suspension.

For even more impressive driving performance, Spofec also offers a performance upgrade for the V12 biturbo; after the power treatment, 709 hp and 974 Newton meters of torque should be available — if the customer supplies the V-Spec version with 600 hp as the basis. According to Spofec, a series Ghost with 570 hp is 685 hp and 958 Newton meters.

Despite its weight of well over two tons, the Spofec Black One accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds. The top speed remains limited to 250 km / h even after tuning, primarily out of consideration for the tires. For the right deceleration, Spofec also offers a carbon-ceramic brake system, which, in addition to stable deceleration, also reduces weight by 38 kilograms.

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