Usa: epa environmental agency relieves pressure on bmw diesel engines

The list of the large institutes and authorities that relieve the burden on the BMW diesel engine has become longer again these days: The US environmental protection agency EPA, in the person of its director Christopher Grundler, spoke extensively with Wirtschaftswoche and Handelsblatt about the diesel issue, including the Special role confirmed by BMW. In addition to Volkswagen, his authority is also targeting Daimler, but Grundler said clearly about BMW: "We have examined all products very thoroughly and have not found any illegal technology."

The EPA officer Grundler speaks only for the BMW diesels offered in the USA and not for European models, but with his testimony he also takes the wind out of the sails of the lawsuit by a private US law firm. Steve Berman is suing BMW in the USA and accuses the Munich-based company of manipulated exhaust gas values, which EPA boss Grundler puts into perspective: In his opinion, Berman certainly does not have the expertise and laboratory technology of the EPA, the companies commissioned by Berman are slightly derogatory at the EPA “Two men and a PEMS” and alludes to their manageable size and experience.

USA: EPA environmental agency relieves pressure on BMW diesel engines

Wirtschaftswoche sums up the situation for BMW by saying that the Munich-based company has nothing to fear from the EPA. EPA boss Scott Pruitt could have discussed this back in March at a meeting with BMW boss Harald Kruger, but the concrete content of the conversation at the time is not known.

Before the EPA, investigations by ADAC and TuV had relieved the diesel engines of the BMW Group. The diesel engines from Munich were noticed again and again with their exhaust gases cleaned above average, manipulation software with test stand recognition or the like was not used as things stand today.

It is all the more annoying that human error with a small number of 11,700 BMW M550d and 750d units meant that the engines in workshops could be loaded with the wrong engine software. The wrong software did not bring any advantages either on the test bench or in everyday life and was therefore extremely unsuitable for deliberate manipulation, but since a lot is currently thrown into one top in the diesel context, the BMW Diesel still has a few completely clean slips Get avoidable stains.

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